Collection: BOXTRUCKFEST 2024


Join us for the ultimate BOXTRUCKFEST experience! This in-person event will be held at Le Méridien Atlanta Perimeter Grand Salon, located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, USA. Get ready for a day filled with excitement, creativity, and innovation!

At the helm of BOXTRUCKFEST™ stands Kim M Braud, a visionary leader who identified a distinct opportunity within the market—the chance to empower box truck companies and their drivers with the knowledge needed to effectively build and scale their businesses. Kim's foresight was instrumental in recognizing the industry's need for accessible information, leading her to pioneer @TheBoxTruckLady TikTok. Through concise and informative videos, she quickly gained traction, revealing a significant gap in understanding and limited access to essential resources for box truck companies.

Motivated by a commitment to bridge this knowledge gap, we envisioned and brought to life the groundbreaking initiative—the first-of-its-kind BOXTRUCKFEST™. This event transcends being merely a gathering; it is a platform meticulously designed to provide unparalleled education, training, and business development specifically tailored to the unique needs of expedited freight professionals. Our dedication and foresight drive this initiative, creating an invaluable resource that transforms the landscape of the box truck industry.

Join us on a journey of empowerment, education, and innovation within the expedited freight realm.

Welcome to BOXTRUCKFEST™—a new era of knowledge-sharing and growth in the box truck community.

Grants, DOT, Factoring, Amazon Relay, Business Set-Up and more! Don't miss it.

ONLY 100 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD allowing the participants to interact with the sponsors and featured guests! EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW THRU APR 15, 2024